online: 28 august 2013
modified: 26, 27, 28 august 2013

26 august 2013 how often?

digital diary

...while struggling with worries... and writing meta notes... i found myself giving what i hope will be an effective answer to this question ('how often to write here?' )... today's answer being 'once a week' as minimum and 'every day' as max. (which i guess will result in an average of 2 or 3 per week!)... and to also to write more slowly and more informedly and more thoughtfully and less worriedly than of late... and continue to sleep on each entry before putting online... which i turn to complete the latest one or two entries that are waiting in the editing software (BBEdit, to which many thanks!)...

some hours later:
...having completed and put on line dd entries for 20 and 23 august i see that my year of doubt re dd is now resolving itself as these recent entries give definite answers to indefinite questions... as worries dissolve and actions emerge... ...


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