online: 3 december 2013
modified: 2, 3 december 2013

2 december 2013 dusk at 16:16

the 39 steps light fades and trees are nearly bare of leaves... a few people walk with dogs... faint boom and thunder of distant road traffic and of railways and aircraft... someone is calling like an owl... and now again... and daylight has almost gone... now to walk a little further until i reach the nearest bus stop... sign as yet of the spontaneous thoughts i expected to be writing at this moment... no more nor less notable than any other... except for calls of a bird not far away... or is it something else that is making bird-like calls at intervals... (resembling a cuckoo)... something i do not recognise... the bus stop i recognised a familiar scene... in night light... street lamps directing the yellowish light of electric discharge in sodium vapour onto everything... even human skin (which now looks greeny yellow as if we were unwell)... but now it's accepted by most of us (perhaps because of its cheapness?)... giving everyone a foretaste of life in other gasses and in different kinds of natural light on other planets... and will city life be seen as such a foretaste?... ...sometimes i wonder what kinds of thought and theory might emerge if life were lived in darkness?... (at which i remember how the senses of touch and sound and body movement develop if one attempts to move around blindfolded in an unfamiliar place... and how one learns to find one's way without the visual sense)...


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