online: 10 august 2014
modified: 10 august 2014

12 july 2014 with shelagh wakely / camden arts centre

first sight... of wobbly connective wholes reminiscent of buckminster fuller's mathematical domes (but without rigidity)... small scale... hand made... and sensitive to every twist or turn of line or surface or enclosure lacking edges...

...she began apparently from odour, smell... perceived by inner surfaces or nose or throat or skin (otherwise dismissed as dirty)... and calling for sweet scents or handkerchief or paper tissue...

...small fruits or nuts left to decay and shrink inside networks of fine golden wire sewn or wound round them when ripe...

...from which her visual and thoughtful works went on to re-enact the never-to-be-encompassed wholes: of carpet, seat, bed, vessel, line, thought or kiss... 'not physical accomplishment... but an evocation of mind'... (her description of sex)

'we close at six'

...her collecting and enacting of these smallest yet profoundest things
brings to these thoughts our latest restart of things that are physical and felt and comprehended

later someone showed me a most precise yet friendly appreciation of her work and presence in:

shelagh wakely, in memoriam
centre for the aesthetic revolution
by pablo leon de barra and others web pages of words and pictures of her work


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