online: 27 february 2015
modified: 27 february 2015

8 february 2015 winter sunshine

...suddenly released from the grip of a computer malfunction... i realised that there was only an hour or two of sunshine remaining this warm winter afternoon... after days of icy winds... and a day or two of light snowfall...

but now the sky is clear... the air is getting warmer... the playing fields are wet and slushy... and there are small signs of spring already appearing...

today i was led by random number to 'the great wall' of 'the garden suburb'... both of these names seem invented... signs of deliberate control...not spontaneous evolution... but much appreciated...

after walking along a country path next to a stream flowing between hand cut soil... (or is it peat?)... i eventually walk northwards and arrive at an opening in the wall where a man with a rucksack is sitting in the sun and out of the wind... he invites me to sit there too... and we talked about the heath, the weather, and many years we have both been walking on the heath extension... living a country life surrounded by a city... while others walk by or run... some with dogs... and some attempting football... or even writing out of doors!


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