online: 23 february 2015
modified: 23 february 2015

9 february 2015 electric lights at sunset with ai

car lights encircling Whitestone Pond... amongst bare trees against palest blue sky... streetlights reflected in the pond... walked here at dusk amidst pines... and twisty elderberry trees (often among first in spring but as yet leafless)... the yellowish headlamps and red rearlamps combine this warm winter evening to make this a sublime accident... of luminous art uncontrived by anyone before this moment...

(in what follows there are interjected words chosen by the ipad computer program... not by me... i let some of them stay in the text..tedon't . and adapted what i wrote to fit these disruptions of meaning... combined in this way the computer programmer and i seem to be making something unexpected that is perhaps amusing... even stupid!

(the interjection 'tedon't' above is one such interjection by the anonymous programmer)

...the 268 bus drives past... a p... and if i don't complete that word beginning with a p. the ipad suggests other other words instead of what's in mind if anything... such words as 'p' or passionate and passions not nothing notes or noteworthy as all this is of course as late in life i begin to accept these crude ai guesses...

(quite interesting))) writes the brain plus single finger in cooling air and will in the a fact factor factory if ever you use an ipad let it go to have have haven't you're away from with and... my first lesson in to from blank panel of to that is easy and more fun than if and eyes and brain return to lights in the night now darkness and time to return for forward supper and with the them their...

which of these words Wordsworth's and is twofold two years weeks ago and joy has returns come back

searched for the public telescope but couldn't find it in the dark amidst motorists on minor roads between stone walls...

aha i u but the meaning crumbles goodnight and what is i notice yes this don't worry boy or android andrey is is to to touch top...

and now at home and in with

and "and" the i there is as was and the now...


ai = artificial intelligence

best read aloud!


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