online: 28 february 2015
modified: 27-28 february 2015

24 february 2015 beneath the moon

...already dusk at the old hockey pitch... surrounded by trees and beyond them the sky... in cold air... nearly cloudless... thinking it's too late to begin writing... but i happen to look upward and find that the half moon is there directly above this spot on the earth's surface... at which doubt ceases and i continue writing... the light fades a piece of paper on the grass begins to shine in near darkness... and the trees look darker than they did... the convexity of the grassy surface creates a near horizon beyond which is ground i cannot see... (between mid-field and the trees)... finger is getting cold so i put on a glove...

...there is no one else here... but for the people passing between here and the moon in an aircraft on the way from somewhere to somewhere else... and others in cars and buses on the nearby road... all generating sounds... as they move between unknown origins and destinations...

...for most of today i've been reading W Y Evans-Wentz's astonishing first book* about the scientific reality of belief in fairies... as reported by people of repute... (in Celtic lands and everywhere else in one form or another... for he sees fairy faith, or something like it, as the objective basis of any religion or mystical belief)...

...and now (for curiosity) i look around and listen for any such people in such a place as this... and in such thoughts and perceptions as these... (cough cough...)

...and yes there is a pulsating sound i cannot identify... but i guess it's no more mystical than is everything else... and there are times when everything is...'s too dark to stay longer so i walk back in near darkness... unable to avoid muddy puddles that i cannot see but inaccurately remember where they are... and nearly slip... the road through the forest an expensive-looking car is waiting for an automatic gate to open... and in a minute or two i'm in the front seat of a bus... moving in a steel and glass container of heated air... before visiting a supermarket to select and carry food and drink from market shelves... to customer-operated checkout... and then to kitchen shelves and fridge... (for this is the language of design thinking... not yet poetry)

...and now... having cooked and eaten some of what i bought... i complete this record of events and thoughts and words of which this diary consists... and is perhaps shareable with others... as part of the wonder of everything... from self as worker-customer to writer of these words beneath the moon...

* W Y Evans-Wentz, The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries, Carol Publishing Group Edition, New York 1990 (originally a study for academic degrees at the Universities of Rennes (in Brittany) and Oxford, U K, and first published in 1911).


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