online: 4 may 2015
modified: 3-4 may 2015

22 april 2015 in a quiet forest valley

...shielded from wind and from traffic sounds by trees and surrounding hills... several trees fallen on dry ground... alerted to re-emerging insect life by one beetle-like creature that closely resembles the dry twigs and bits of bark among which it moves and thus becomes discernible...

...this spot where undergrowth's been removed and all above ground level's looking wild and broken... or else the light green of early leaves still half in bud.... and not yet fully shaped...

...a piece of fluff detached from tree sails almost horizontally for 10 or 20 meters...

...i rise from too low a branch for comfortable sitting and walk beneath trees all the way to forest cafe... it's several years or even a decade or two since i walked this path... i wonder how long before i walk it again... that depends on random numbers as well as weather and states of bodymind... all of which influence route through and around the city forest... is full of voices speaking if not listening... and the street door's open this day of dry warm air... carrying sounds of wind itself and traffic... and of thoughts made audible... the complexity of all that happens (mostly ignored) reveals a world more various than one can sense or think or even imagine...

more later:

(as they say in weather forecasts)

more later:

but also more than anyone can perceive in each and every moment...


[much of which is negated if one follows new commercialised spectacles of creepy engineered experience... for which i as yet know no adequate meta-language... but money... for attracting captive audiences]


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