online: 1 july 2015
modified: 28-30 june 2015

28 june 2015 at the great wall life in the city... a married couple sitting under a pergola... they look contented... another man raising his arms to the beauty of all this... as he and a woman emerge from the garden suburb... and now i sit close to the opening in the wall... seeing long grasses blown by the westerly wind... and watching a gull or tern swooping and gliding near to the ground... and listening to the shouts of people playing cricket in clothes of many colours... they're almost chanting... the sounds of an informal cricket that i've not heard or seen before...

...this evening is so very pleasant... very pleasant... as i experience the calm... the sky... the trees around playing fields... a few walking people (one or two on bikes)... an old man walking fast with swinging arms... cherries on a nearby tree already turning yellow and red (i wonder if they're sweet)... and white clover in the grass... the cooing sound of a wood pigeon and now a flapping of wings... the shrieking roar of a fast car or motorcycle accelerating in the distance... and the moon 3/4 lit in the same sunlight that illuminates everything that is visible on earth this evening... and the soft-looking creamy clouds now moving to the east... to me all this seems perfect...

...the seat i'm about to leave is inscribed only with two names...
moe ben

...and the next seat i pass is in memory of
Jean Margaret Goldsmith 1926-1996
who loved and helped children

...among some cars parked on a road through the woods is one bearing this message:
don't smash my windows again please
webcam is watching


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