online: 5 september 2015
modified: 1-5 september 2015

26 august 2015 together in the sky

...cloudless sky after rain... pale blue above and pink mist at the horizon... red warning lights on tall buildings... visible from this the highest seat... damp wind after rainstorm... moon appearing brighter and yellower against darkening sky...

...single light of a lone helicopter descending above the tall buildings... it's time to rewrite this prison-like culture... that is surely capable of supporting better lives...

...and looking for better signs i note four lighted things in view:

city lights / the lone helicopter / the full moon / this touchscreen

to which i add the smokeless chimneys of the Vale of Health village where Rabindranath Tagore once lived and who declared that to India:

the earth, water and light, fruits and flowers ... were not merely physical phenomena to be turned to use and then left aside ... they were necessary ... as every note is necessary to the completeness of the symphony...

(Tagore, Rabindranath, Sadhana: the realisation of life, Macmillan, London 1913, page 7)

i've seen no one walking here this evening

...becoming night ...becoming dawn ...becoming day

...while each part of the earth's surface passes through the shadow we call night...


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