online: 16 september 2015
modified: 15-16 september 2015

14 september 2015 early autumn changes

...wet windy day with chestnuts falling... and a shift towards new politics... in Jeremy Corbyn's election as leader of the Labour Party and leader of the opposition... not so much towards the political left as to new aims and manners... more in touch with people... and less authoritarian... clouds and pink... and pale blue and golden sunset in the west... and storms in many parts of Britain... darkening quickly (here in Golders Hill Park) as i overcome habitual inertia of the afternoon... and experience encouragement and revival of spirit... in this timely walk and weather... both natural and political...

...a complex and almost indescribable cloudscape... a crow calls several times as it flies over the surrounding trees... the sunset fades.... i hear a jetplane moving quietly above the city... and now there is no one in the park but a few people running... and other people closing gates and keeping the place in order... of city not of forest...

...a voice in the dark tells me it's closing time... so i write no more than this...


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