online: 22 november 2015
modified: 22 november 2015

22 november 2015 ten days or so

...since the handheld was lost on the heath ...or on a bus

...and even longer since i last wrote in this diary... and so today i am writing with pen on paper

...sitting beneath soft grey continuous cloud near to the Great Wall... two birds fly by... i think the first is some kind of miniature hawk... the second is perhaps another

...the air is cold probably 6 degrees centigrade but so still as not to seem cold but perhaps its already winter (after an exceptionally warm autumn)

...a man and a women go by with three black dogs and two white... for days ive been awaiting the installation of a new boiler for central heating

...sitting here (without electronic notepad and with worsening vision) is not as pleasant as previous walks and writings out of doors... so i attempt recovery... intending the writing of this to be the being (or making active) of this moment

...the moment lasted hours (until midnight) as i walked back through sticky mud and two short bus journeys... cleaning muddy shoes... cooking leek soup and eating it... and resting as listen to BBC world service radio... before writing this additional paragraph... now perhaps complete


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