online: 2 december 2015
modified: 3s december 2015

2 december 2015 writing without handheld highest seat... tall city buildings clearly visible... despite misty air... strong wind... whole cloudscape moving...some gorse in bloom... tall summer plants still standing (though head-high and lost their leaves)... cold air but dry...

...i decide to respond immediately to whatever happens... (though today without a handheld computer)... and to form and publish each writing moment (in digital format)... without imposed continuity...

(walked on... )

...memory of Jewish apple cake... just eaten on reaching randomly selected point (the highest seat near Jack Straw's Castle)... waiting to see and hear what happens...

...voices heard behind me... turning round i see 10-15 infants in high visibility yellow jackets (being shepherded by adults towards a bus stop) clouded today... is it that i've not cleaned eyes of solidifying fluid (as tearducts have closed and cannot easily be opened... a condition known as blepheritis) that makes some things look out of focus

several high flying jet planes moving in discordant directions while birds on earth are flying from tree to tree

(would there be birds if there were no trees?

no people if there were no caves or fires or twigs or stones or knives... or needles made of bone (hence clothes of skin, or knitted woven...etc ...etc? the whole thing's unpredictable unexpected thought... perhaps mistaken... but significant...?)

next day:

the moment in which to restart softopia and a-z etc... as next phase of these perceptions... realised by dm etc

(could be revived by Chris Crickmays letter re radical design... to generate new answers to his question)

and at the same moment to extend (as xdm) as the actual making of

'the new'

becoming identical to e.g. the experimental city, traffic automation radio simplicity unfinished novels notes and plays and other projects in continuity

no longer deferred or abandoned but all returned to newness... in whatever happens however seemingly conformist or divergent...

included in e.g. for Moscow for states of the world/and states of self as poems plays and fictions et al

stop stop!

to let things happen as recomposed reality

here it is as is the hoverboard
(a new prosthesis of locomotion)

at which i'm advised
by the collective intelligence
to rename these fragments of a culture
as parts of a greater whole than city forest
(as yet unnamable)


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