online: 23 march 2015
modified: 23 march 2015

31 december 2015 where we live and connect

from highest seat to the tumulus... trying to avoid slippery mud on forest tracks and encountering recent land-works (digging and hauling huge piles of earth (within temporary high fences) to enlarge existing dams for the ponds project) to enable many of the Hampstead ponds not to over-fill in case of exceptional rainfalls in years or even centuries to come (construction is proceeding despite great public protest... and with what i see as unwise faith in experts paid to think narrowly it could be a misuse of technology and of human skill)...

uninspired by this and overloaded by insoluble questions relating to my lost handheld (about to be replaced) and a tangle of related questionsi decide to persist in the writing of this diary entry (instead of worries... public or personal)...

in spite of cold wind and sun in my eyes and rumblings of distant machinery (roads railways and aircraft) on this last day of our artificial year 2015 i gradually turn my attention from indoor thoughts to all this... or to anything that i was not seeing or hearing on this muddy grassland surrounded by forest and running dogs a solitary seagull and a crow each searching for food in the soaking wet grass

just in front of me are short blades of hassocky grass... growing well in this exceptionally warm winter and im hearing now the fluctuating artificial screams of emergency vehicles a constant music of the surrounding city

coming to the end of this notepaper i decide to set off for the place where i live (when not here out of doors) and am surprised that ive lost awareness of also living in the networld while also in the physical outdoors... and constructed interiors lets open the doors!

a sudden gust of wind strong enough to blow off my cap... and now more gusts in varying directions... from south to west to north

that is presently being made and now before sleeping iwe look back at all that brought us to this point of connection in which iwe find new direction in the most ordinary of things...

afterwards in the new year... when i copied and edited this in the warmth of a new space-heating boiler good luck to all of us in this 16th year of the century that is now taking form...


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