online: 1 march 2016
modified: 1 march 2016

1 march 2016 a view of little things

...glad to return to city forest... mild wind beneath slow moving clouds... with energy barely sufficient to walk to this writing point... and while still hoping to do something special this day of Saint David ( who advised his followers to 'pay attention to the little things')...

...perhaps this time and place will provoke right action despite diminished energy (and will turn me from design thinker to small scale activist? ) i'm enjoying readings of Nicholas of Cusa (so unexpectantly modern in his logic!)... and also inspired by bbc world service radio... with talk of 'bodo riders' (on motorcycle taxis) whose sudden presence in Uganda seems to me to be readying us all for what i call creative democracy... (high time to make moves to realise this far reaching idea ... but at the new local scale of the globally possible)...

...suddenly i hear a cuckoo... is it possible so early?... as sudden gale force wind replaces gentle breeze... accompanied by sight of a bright green parakeet in the treetops

...thinking more connectively than before... with new politics emerging as disreputable forms of transport housing and direct democracy... renamed in shocking thought and language... of what's becoming politically possible in new media


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