online: 26 april 2016
modified: 20, 21, 26 april 2016

19 april 2016 a walk of convalescence

... down the stairs and perhaps around the lawn... going for a walk with my grandaughter Jenni... awaiting her arrival...

...outside before walk... sitting on a low wall... (Jenni is sitting on the other one) three people with trolley suitcases emerge from the doorway between us... then one turns back... the afternoon is sunny... the street noise (of vehicles ) is good to hear after two weeks indoors... behind double glass windows... two small boys with bikes enter a block of flats... a magpie lands upon the lawn... it's mate lands also and they look separately for things to eat... it's time for us to walk around the lawn beneath the cherrry trees... already in bud and almost in blossom...

... after walking around the lawn... and then around the block of flats:

...walking on daisies almost all the way... as if walking among the stars wrote someone... (Keats-like said Jenni)... just now i see a teenage person standing still yet moving on a two-wheeled hover board.. perhaps a successor of the skateboard... as mankind develops more and more types of travel in the gaps between walking in shoes and skates and bikes and electric wheelchairs etc... and motor cars buses and trucks... i like to see them all as prostheses for the naked human body... which cannot move so far and fast unaided by machines

...on the way round the back of the building we opened the shed that belongs to my flat... (not opened for years) and now it's a home of spiders and their webs

...a care worker arrives to prepare a meal for me and in we go to join her... this could be the new form of organised life... as private life becomes more public... and as expensive hospital beds are more quickly vacated...
...i've much enjoyed this unexpected walk...arranged by my daughter Sarah and by her daughter Jenni... many thanks... i feel more back to life!

a walk of convalescence...


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