online: 6 may 2016
modified: 5, 6 may 2016

5 may 2016 summer evening

...enjoying blustery wind at highest seat... every tree seems to be in leaf and each leaf seems fully open... serenity prevails as body systems adapt to good conditions... looking outward towards forest and distant city towers... and inward to spontaneous rhythm with newly acquired walking poles... which seem to turn a semi crippled (or sciatic) way of walking into a semi athletic stride (at the suggestion of Joyce Vetterlein... osteopath extraordinaire)...

...still here looking out towards city... no people or other creatures in sight except for several birds of various species flying in swooping curves between trees... and a single vapour trail across the sky... bent where a high flying aircraft made a calculated turn... perhaps responding to its autopilot

...getting up now to try out walking poles in downhill walk to a bus stop...

...changed mind: took bus through urban village to supermarket to try out shopping with walking poles and backpack... it's OK... fewer hard surfaces and more interesting journey... though can carry less when holding poles... feel i'm back in healthy postures... and no longer moving like an invalid... more like a four-legged animal


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