online: 11-12 july 2016
modified: 11-12 july 2016

11 july 2016 a windy cloudy evening...

...uneasy... after loss of direction for several days... so try to pay attention and take a walk on the heath extension

i suppose this scene is still as if in the eighteenth century... except for sounds of cars and trains and aircraft... and the sight and sound of someone crossing a field while talking to a hand-held object... and the presence of a similar handheld object on which i'm writing this 'to everyone'... or 'in public'...

surprised that i was forgetting to include what i'm doing... and thus living in the self-excluding past!... and regretting that for several days i'd forgotten that lost wholeness one can so easily regain... simply by including self/other as unity...

...remembering that i'm sitting here on a public seat in a public landscape as well as remembering self/other (etc) i realise that that mild misery has gone... as i watch a housefly walk across these words that are describing it... as well as realising these thoughts

at which i receive the message 'low battery' and stop writing

a day later:
unease returns so try again to attend to self/other... which i take to include things as well as people... which i presume puts us in touch with the indescribable whole of reality (so called)... which is almost silent at this moment except for slight sounds of someone moving in the flat above... so that we can live separated by walls and floors and ceilings in 'blocks of flats'... or in 'garden suburbs'... or other means of living apart as well as together... and to the exclusion of some...


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