online: 1 november 2016
modified: 24 to 31 october 2016

23 october 2016 at the highest point

shivering in cold damp air as a dense raincloud approaches over the distant city towers... i guess rain will be here in 10 to 20 minutes... but one or two raindrops arrive already on the touch screen as i await whatever thoughts arise at this digital moment... which the Book of Runes (of Ralph Blum, 1993, rune 21) asks what brought me here with electronic writing pad on which to publish these words on global internet (words missing)...... not so cold but reachable everywhere...

yes what brought all these together... from DNA and intercourse and womb and cot and houses and infant's schools in wales and afterwards in england through many other moments as parts of old cultures welsh and english (see chronology of these and other antecedents)

but it's getting too cold so i rise to go indoors before i shake and shiver any more as contemplate what's next in new watershed or new life to follow at the highest point>

and here begins one of the
profoundest philosophical mysteries

says the imagined voice of John Cowper Powys speaking from his autobiography page 62 of the Picador edition of 1982 (which differs from the first edition of 1934)

at which the watershed... the whole geography... and even the city forest... begins to change... no one knows if by design or by spontaneous metaprocess... these words comprising what was or is new truth or fiction... dream or new ecology... the writer sighs in bed by day as the text wakes up to the end of supposed creativity...

... of god or human person and prepares to write itself automatically as literature not self expression... nor supposed reality but this . or any other typographic sign or signal of which we know the conventions and the language...

at which the text restarts itself with a daffodil which has been half asleep for a year or two but now with apology and warmest greetings sends out the hundred-and-third daffodil to those who are still on the list of 200 or so subscribers and who may have lost hope of receiving the next entry of the digital diary on 23 october 2016 at the highest point...

but here it is!


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