online:22 december 2016
modified: 19-22 december 2016

19 december 2016 reviewing recent notes

(handwritten and digitised) i realise neither is what i really intend... so change to what i most certainly do !

i guess need modest process like writing a digital diary but in an enlarging context

so for this i select a rune randomly : 15 spiritual action

and i decide to 'wait for universe to make first move' as the rune book advises (in some such words)...

(time to go for light therapy)

while waiting in a hospital corridor and reading recent dd entries i realise this change of context could be already present in the digital diary... where combined with new enthusiasms?

or can light (in both physical as well as non-physical or spiritual form) BE the enlarged context ?

yes... yes!

yes... taking form as both sunlight and enlightenment

not to mention 'endarkenment'... (Paul Jones's name for how things may be after leaving the European Union)...

which reminds me of Shelley's description* of night as a 'cone of darkness' projecting from the dark side of the earth as light from the sun (being larger than the earth) casts a conical shadow into space...

(called to go for PDT photodynamic light therapy... )

late evening:

after being distracted by various local priorities... i attempt to explore the dual meaning of 'light'...

...remembering that it was solar radiation that started my skin cancer in early childhood (to which we were exposed on the beaches at Aberystwyth and Borth in the 1930s)...

...and that we were educated by my father in school and presbyterian chapel to a Christian view of physics (which he taught in school as material as well as spiritual... his spiritual unifier being the simple harmonic motion of atomic particles...

...but now i think of these terms as dubious... or contradictory... though perhaps complementary... likely to combine and disappear if ways are found to describe or invent reality as a newly perceived but unnameable something... composed of both matter and spirit... which i pause... aware of the inadequacy of these words and phrases

(continue tomorrow... more poetically... as well as scientifically... and with the help of an oracle:

rune 24... which Ralph Blum** redescribes as both spiritual light and sunlight... but which may have to be renamed again if dualism is to be overcome... and a new reality found...

*The Complete Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley, with notes by Mary Shelley, The Modern Library, New York 1994, The Triumph of Life, line 23, page 546

**The Book of Runes, with commentary by Ralph Blum, Oracle Books, Los Angeles and Michael Joseph, Great Britain 1982, pages 131-2.


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