online: 3 february 2017
modified: 3 february 2017

1 february 2017 end of winter in the garden theatre

...snowdrops in the Hill Garden where today everything is damp or even visibly wet... rain or condensation reaching even beneath a concrete shelter where there are damp seats inside a manmade cave... after pausing to eat the luxury of moist Jewish apple cake and Welsh mountain water... and the sharing of crumbs with a healthy-looking robin that ventures a quick dash to gather a crumb that falls close to my foot... after only a few minutes of sudden sunshine this little theatre of the seasons (visibly populated only by two large crows and a robin and myself) becomes a rapidly-drying scene of sunlit surfaces... and now there appear some people with dogs and children's voices... and for the moment the garden becomes a different place...

next day:
remembering how the new arrivals began to pose as in a fashion magazine while one of them photographed the others... i remarked how this place brings out the actor in many of us... to which one of them responded with a smile... and others with blank faces...


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