online: 13 february 2017
modified: 13 february 2017

13 february 2017 walking in mist....

...light fades as we enter shadow of the earth... faint sounds of trains and road traffic... icy wind... and all-pervading mist... as pause to write this with freezing fingers,,,

...wishing i'd stopped earlier to note that the horizon is today quite close... the furthest i can see is about a kilometre... (from my walking point 10 to the great wall at the edge of the garden suburb)...

...i look up from touch screen to see almost immobile pond and frozen vegetation.... under cloudless but misty sky... one about this wintry afternoon.... world is full of troubles... yet thoughts can still rise to its wonder...

...time to move while it's still light enough to walk one's way out of the forest... avoiding half-freezing mud and half-visible tree roots...

...the pleasure of walking despite cold air and bumpy ground... and helped by trekking poles (as if with four legs)... glad i came out despite darkness and low temperature... (and glad of hot soup on return)

i've been reading the journals of Dorothy Wordsworth* (sister of William Wordsworth)... surprised to know how often they were 'ill' (sometimes 'very ill')... and spent much time in bed... yet wrote famous poems despite that... and in the absence of space heating... (in the damp climate of the English Lake District)

*Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth, 1798-1803, edited with an introduction by Helen Darbishire, Oxford University Press, London 1958, reprinted 1963 with an appendix of Wordsworth's shorter poems referred to in the journals (some of which were partly written by his sister)


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