online: 31 march 2017
modified: 31 march 2017

30 march 2017 enlarged ponds on the heath
...first visit to the enlarged ponds since i joined the protests against them several years ago... but now that i see the resulting new landscape... i change my mind...!

sitting on the only new seat (on the bank of a pond that was linear and is now seems nearly circular... and is i suppose submerged several metres below the new pond...

...i ceased writing... to speak to a man who came to sit on this solitary new bench... he tells me that he studied civil engineering in Southern California... and i was surprised to learn that he did not know what a blog is... i was glad to say that i prefer to call this blog a 'digital diary'... or 'public writing'... and that the engineers who made this new pond seem to have learnt from their critics (of the 1960s and 70s) as this enlarged pond (with an island and isthsmus) is definitely a 'more human' improvement... replacing the 'straight line thinking' of engineering as it was with a new kind of 'curved thinking' of the present century... and of all of us...

...and as those words appear on this electronic writing pad i realise that here (in this modest yet sensitive improvement of engineering as it was) are the 'seeds of human futures' that i long ago sought in the form of 'design methods' *

*'seeds of human futures' is the subtitle of the book Design Methods... (for the 1992 edition i omitted the subtitle... )

...and with that little change in the direction of public thought is what i now call dmx (for 'extended design methods')... the new way we all can walk if we relook at the recent past for the signposts of improved reality... no longer radical nor utopian but already an achieved reality... in the fringes of our works... as in our minds... (minds learning from each others' actions)...!

[ perhaps no one who does not share my actual experience will grasp all this immediately... but to me it seems to be a new reality... or the way i've now to go... with whoever (like that very civil engineer and all the others) can provoke such thoughts as these ]

though in our minds is no place... nor in heaven... these words are being written three ducks rise high above the water... leaving three expanding circles on the water surface... ddx... or even here?


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