online: 2 april 2017
modified: 1-2 april 2017

1 april 2017 more slowly than usual

unusual walk today

... passed the Italian style architecture of a famous crematorium... and resting under a pergola which is part of the equally famous utopia of the Hampstead Garden Suburb...

...unhurriedly i linger to enjoy these famous fragments of London... unworried by the unoriginality of these words and phrases... or by the failure of the garden suburb to retain the democratic or egalitarian aims of its illustrious founders (Henrietta Barnett and her obedient allies)... after recovering from mild fatigue... i listen to the two or three birds whose calls or songs are audible from the pergola but whom i cannot see or identify (before deciding to continue this All Fool's Day walk?)... to a big hole in the village road is a robotic stop sign telling drivers to wait here if the light is red... (while the single lane is occupied by vehicles travelling in the other direction)...

later: today's first random point... not far from the Great Wall of Hampstead Garden Suburb...

...i'm remembering a long hedge of thousands of white may flower blossoms that i passed on my way to this seat by the playing fields...'s a calm and sunny evening with long shadows across the grass... and long streaks of white and grey clouds beneath a blue sky... very static... (these long horizontals remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright's 'prairie houses')

later again:
reached the second random point in today's walk... a seat looking towards a distant horizon... (somewhere near to The Ridgeway... a prehistoric road over hilltops north of London)... and refreshed by today's slowness...


...that accidental comma in wide spaces:
i am about to delete it when i realise that it's a paragraph in itself... perhaps the most interesting part of this diary entry!


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