online: 25 april 2017
modified: 25 april 2017

25 april 2017 dusk at highest seat

...hundreds of lights red and amber on the stretch of tall buildings along the horizon... cold air and dark blue sky... no one else about... hurried to get here before dark... hands already freezing... cold wind on east side of face... (after weeks of unusually warm and dry weather)... today i feel i am no more than a recorder... i set off home again... at which the lights of two helicopters appeared above the city... and as i approached the bus stop a fox emerged from nearby forest... looked around... and disappeared... i felt very cold until a bus arrived with its heated interior... and i no longer needed to exercise my hands and fingers to keep warm... i am writing this paragraph indoors while drinking a cup of thyme tea... glad i went to the heath (i nearly didn't)... now glad to be back inside 'my comfort zone'... and glad that there is now a name for it... (more 'existential' than 'scientific')...


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