online: 31 july 2017
modified: 28, 31 july 2017

28 july 2017 losing my way i intended to walk without writing... and began by going where there are likely to be blackberries... and indeed there were.... bigger ones.. and many more than i've seen before in this place (in a field close to Jack Straw's Castle)... i guess it was the heavy rain last night and also the profuse blackberry blossom a few days ago... that had something to do with it...

...then i walked into a wild high piece of wood with little undergrowth wherein i chose direction by coin-tossing and soon lost my way because of frequent obstacles like fallen trees and an aggressive dog... that led me through unfamiliar parts of the forest at which point i was amazed to find myself suddenly back near the blackberries... and a long way from where i thought i was...

...and i've been walking the heath for 10 to 20 years and used to think i knew it 'like the back of my hand' and just couldn't get lost in it!

(i writing this in the past tense from memory two days later... )

i am wondering now if losing one's way is more a matter of having an incorrect idea of where one is... than of having no idea at all...?


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