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11 august 2017 in a northerly wind's a long time since i felt a northerly wind on the heath... possibly i referred to it 20 or 30 years ago in writing here of George Borrow's talk* with a famous Gypsy who spoke of the value of life... despite sickness or death or other seeming disasters... 'for there's the wind on the heath brother'... which i listen to the chirrup of bird i don't recognise... and now it's ceased and i hear the thunder of distant aircraft... and road traffic... and the continuous shhhhhh sound in my hearing (normally not noticed by me and inaudible to others)... or the so quiet sound of one's breath (i can't hear it now as i sit here at the highest seat in this city forest... as it's quieter than all other sounds... or perhaps it's not actual sound but sound imagined... ?)... which someone phones... and kindly listens to these thoughts... before mentioning the purpose of the call... (sent invisibly by electronics through the ionosphere... and pertaining to life and death and everyday matters... money work and joy and sadness... all equally important though it may not seem so... and to this spot where Mr Petrulengro may well have been attracted if there was a Gypsy camp here in the Vale of Health (as well as being a meeting place of romantic poets... likely to attract George Borrow also?)...

...the conjunction of these seemingly separate things seems very real to me just now... and i hope to all of us... in time... in timeliness to self-and-other... both... outside the reach of clocktime and its supposed reality... as money... as diminishing measure... of everything... whereas there are many other times in each of us... those of the bodymind:

heart beat and breath... eye motion... brain rhythms... speech and writing... music... running /walking... etc

let alone the cosmic and earthly rhythms of years and days and suns and moons and tides and weather (and earthquakes too)... and far far too many to even think of here... how can we tolerate subjecting all these to tick and tock of seconds minutes hours... and hence of dollars euros pounds etc

...yet as i write this i'm conscious that there may be errors in this Cartesian argument... (if such is what it is)

...and then with hope i recall Immanuel Kant's view of time not as a dimension of space-time but as:

'the form of the internal sense' **

*discussion between George Borrow and Gypsy Petrulengro in this diary

**Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, page 52 of the 1787 translation by J M D Meiklejohn, London and New York 1969... and page 88 of the 1996 Indianopolis/Cambridge translation by Werner S Pluhar.


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