online: 9 january 2018
modified: 8-9 january 2018

16 september 2017 cityforest fiction

[the first three paragraphs were too difficult to decipher... so i have shorterned lines and added explanatory words]

reacting to both the apparent realism of others
and the unreality of mylifeworks as radical fictions...
(or as my reactions to unconscious enemies and allies)...
let this latest entry

(which may resemble the purposeful purposeless
of John Cage and others
outside and within economic realism)

= radical design theory
of designing designing
as it was and still is

brrr... on rereading recent entries
i feel there still is a combined goodevil
or some such normality
that could exist in works of actual people
while including more of ourselves and the world
than do dualistic works
which may seem to separate us from the world

on the heath... 17:00 sitting by pond 2...

most peaceful afternoon... after eating tea and cake... and gazing at lake between trees... few sounds but distant planes and traffic on road and rail... and sounds of feet on dry earth pathway... a yellow lime leaf falls on the bench beside me... can't avoid thinking that these small events are of more interest than the somewhat abstract worries of this morning...


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