online: 3 january 2018
modified: 3 january 2018

3 january 2018 completion of writings

e.g. as an improved and realised version of the draft book machine words rewritten as a perhaps fictional version of ones lifework

for instance: as a connective dictionary of automation

defined as the use of machines to control machines (for instance the self-regulating governor of a steam engine)...

... but something has gone wrong... what is it ?

this apparent wrongness could be the necessary struggle to overcome resistance of nature... and to change ones perception of reality

...also to avoid the reduction of ourselves from whole beings into specialists in order to bend and control machines to narrow ends... and enormous cost reductions

such a defeat can be defeated!

so simply aim to design doable wholes

seek changeable processes such as dm dd DD and oracles and chance processes and also design plays (abbreviations can be explained later)

overcome resistance (and habitual defeat by difficulties and pains of birth of the new?)

(in the past i enjoyed such ideas as :

experimental city / radio simplicity / designing designing / creative democracy / rectify the names / dont specialise / keeping a digital diary of whats happening/

being part of the whole / taking the imaginative jump from present facts to future possibilities / letting go of control / and keeping the centre empty

such thoughts and actions may be seen as the meta process

t o b e c o n t i n u e d . . . completion of writings


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