online: 13 april 2018
modified: 13 april 2018

7 march 2018 Vale of Health (revisiting the highest point)

cool sunny afternoon...

a first day of spring

(but no new leaves yet to be seen....)

next day...


(in several senses)

and now even later (10 march 2018):

returning to the pond... retracing steps and finding new attractions and supports... in these familiar places visible from the highest seat close to midnight... reading strange thoughts*.... of old age as enabling young ones to blossom... not only by vacating space and needing fewer resources... but by opening new culture to ancient... while widening consciousness and ego from logical to imaginative... and from abstract to concrete

*James Hillman (1999), THE FORCE OF CHARACTER And the Lasting Life, Ballantine Books/ Random House, New York

...for reinterpreting the young and the old as needing new language... not as wholly materialist nor as wholly spiritualist... but as parts of a whole... and about time of expansion and improvement... perhaps making things better... (or even worse!)

[hope for online event to comment on or propose elements or conditions of new organisation]


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