online: 25 march 2018
modified: 25 march 2018

25 march 2018 adapting to changed conditions... [e,g, forgot spectacles]

walk at five oclock: and go yopot numbers 2, 5 = tumulus and vale of health - but find no joy in the prospect - so just sit and walk in the manner of rune 25... (the unknowable)

18:00 sunset (without spectacles)

watoching the sunset... pink clougs anid blue...

c'older... became colder...

and the sun itsejf is har hidden behind trees... nut the sky above changed from blue mistunress to pale pink...

ople are leaving the parkm as dusk deepens as heeight begins

cant see to write any more

AT HOME NOW: i see that (having come without my spectacles) i had to guess many letters on the keyboard... and this has produced new spellings that may resemble poetry... so (instead of deleting it) i will include both corrected and uncorrected versions...

[ so i tried to insert here a corrected version in normal english spelling but the perhaps disobedient software would not let me do it... ]

[ a postcript to the imaginable. (continuing afterlifework)...

while awaiting a chair of the third age in an imaginary eisteddfod of the world

to celebrate the continuing education of everyne... beyond specialised work in the public mind... here and now [link to daffodil]

an imaginary eisteddfod of the world in which the after-life-work of everyone can continue


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