online: 12 april 2019
modified: 12 april 2019

13 march 2019 humanist reality

today i have been experiencing the pleasures of being in a space designed by the followers of Frank Lloyd Wright and perhaps Le Corbusier . . . or you might say the typical form makers of modernist buildings . . . i am so pleased to enjoy that surrounding presence with its belief in everyone . . .

i have the same feeling when experiencing some of the modern trains through london underground (and overground) . . . and now i wonder as i speak how it is that this famous quality of modern things that have been designed with care and compassion comes about . . . i think it is real . . . as real as the qualities of natural things . . . the sublime emerging from the specifications and drawing boards and more modern practices . . . i am thinking more and more that it is not a miracle but a part of nature that is becoming evident in the new emerging world . . .

last evening i was surprised to hear someone who works in the hospital speaking out loud his criticisms . . . as follows:

yes we have the new technology which we never had before about twenty years ago . . . and the others just missed . . .

and all this reminded me of a famous quotation . . .

it is not irritating to be where one is, it is only irritating to think one would like to be somewhere else

john cage
lecture on nothing
in silence 1968


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