online: 5 april 2019
modified: 29 march 2019

25 march 2019 mobility

mobility . . . a word now used in California and elsewhere for the abstract qualities for owning a car or using public transport and other such abstractions from the natural . . . and a very real part of what we call modern life . . . mobility can also be movements of thoughts as well as of matter and preferably the two together which is not easy to get . . .

mobility nowadays reappears as the driverless car which i prefer to call traffic automation with its far reaching magical quality (like the magic carpet) of wishing to be there and very soon getting there . . . in a real sense of movement but often with stasis or stoppage or traffic jam to the point where many people do not enjoy it . . . except for a few enthusiasts to whom it is a joy in itself even to contemplate without travelling in them . . .

besides these semi-trivial examples there is something profound about this mania for transport, public or otherwise, as there is in spiritual entities such as the fastest car or aircraft . . . or getting to the moon (or mars in 18 years there and back) . . . and i was about to mention the car of heaven a theological concept and then i thought of something else that i have already forgotten in this too fast review of the character of what we combine in one word mobility . . . (all in jumbled writing)

i remember John Page saying that the ownership of a motorcar is not necessarily a selfish thing . . . it is the attainment of geographic freedom, a worldwide benefit if there ever was one . . . it is On the road Jack Kerouac's cross-country driving as a form of living too fast for some of us and for others it is a new way of living on the go . . . i could go on and on describing such examples of the movement of people assisted by machines . . .


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