online: 28 march 2019
modified: 31 march 2019

28 march 2019 mobility of thought

mobility of thought could be described as an unusual quality but this may be a mistaken view in which a few people are labelled creative while others are thought as being dull . . . creativeness being thought of as the ability of thinking of many solutions to a problem . . . but today i prefer to look more closely at even the dullest idea as being a reflection of the huge variety of what we call the world . . .

and also the spiritual quality of wanting to build high in many floors up to 25 or even a hundred . . . thinking of the 'mile high building' of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright . . . it was not intended to be built but was a concept design intended to guide our thoughts in our strange and surprising mixtures that comprise what we call modern life . . . as a thought experiment of theoretical physicists such as Albert Einstein which somehow appeal to many although only a few understand them . . .


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