online: 26 august 2019
modified: 9 july 2019

9 july 2019 internet

the first thing that comes to mind is that internet meant more in the past than today . . . it seems to me that when i switch the computer on there are many more things that might be connected but now are isolated again . . . chiefly because the specialised experts have been getting in control . . . and the general effect of the widening agents has been reduced . . . (is that correct?)

i think it is important to realise that the internet as we know it is going to change greatly and with good and bad effects on everyone (whether or not they have mastered the internet skills) . . . this may be my own impression but it could be an important point . . . making everyone communicable with everyone else throughout the world . . . the promise of the renaissance (and of the eighteenth century) to humanise everyone through information channels . . .

i will say very little about this except that it could be a vital point in the design of the future . . . which is not impractical, cranky, ridiculous, windy etc etc . . . but it could the face of freedom . . .


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