online: 24 august 2019
modified: 8 august 2019

8 august 2019 i dont believe in specialisation

i dont believe in specialisation . . . that is for the robots . . . if this is so then robots enable us to change our ideology of industrial work as something all people must do . . . if this perhaps trite saying opens the world to an industrial life in which specialisation is no longer forced upon us by the immense money saving of the mechanisation as we know it . . .

there may well be a possibility of releasing everyone from this imprisonment in fragmentary work . . . while mechanical machine and automation call us to completely revise our view of many things as being capable of inventing and creating robotics . . .

if we can but once draw the false conclusion that it is people that will be mechanised . . . as the farcical picture* of the pin factory in which the theoretical price is 100 of what it was of being made by hand . . . to pursue that without a meta-industrial system which transfers this terrible load of being dehumanised . . . (which may seem incredible) . . .

*Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations: volume I, (London: Grant Richards), 1904 (first published in 1776), pages 6-7.


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