online: 11 january 2021
modified: 11 january 2021

5 january 2021 space travel from earth to moon and mars

i was listening to a broadcast about these possible journeys for which enthusiasts are seeking support of millionaires instead of governments . . . and volunteers to go on possible one way journeys to mars . . . which would take 18 years i think . . . and some on a no return ticket if there is not enough money for the journey back . . .

this seems to me not only dull but unlikely to be achieved . . . so i switch off the radio and try to continue with my thoughts by themselves . . .

it was not long before it occurred to me to ask myself 'WHAT IS space travel?' . . . just like someone in an Irish play who i heard asking 'what is the stars? what is the stars?'. . . i begin to ask 'what is space through which one is travelling?' . . . i soon realised that space is everywhere including the earth which is not a separate entity from space . . . but just part of it which includes humans . . .

therefore any move on the earth and planets is in space . . . if we can detach ourselves and our thinking from the idea that the earth is in some way special . . . the idea of it becomes not dull but: marvellous


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