online: 29 june 2022
modified: 8 april 2022

8 april 2022 50 years of failure?

'i think the failure of design research is the failure to change the world'

i think that statement, if it is nothing else, shows away to overcome some of the problems of social technology and actions which could come of this thought . . . that was my reaction to the paper called 50 years of failure in design . . .

and the thoughts that come from this statement is enough to overcome the sense of defeat and show the beginnings of a way to do this . . . a way to turn negation into something positive . . .

what examples come to mind? . . . first the example of the German Bauhaus which change the aims and actions of art schools everywhere . . . but they didn't . . . they didn't lead to social change in art and technology . . . as well as in medicine or health care, industrial methods or called operational research . . .

i think i am drifting off and pause . . .

. . . i think it would be wise to have time to answer that question:

how do you change the world?


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