a rough transition

this is the handheld computer on which the digital diary was written
since (was it in 2001?)
when i began to write digitally out of doors,
close to the things written about...

...since i dropped it onto a hard floor (at the end of 2007)
the digital diary has nearly stopped...

but now, after a difficult transition,
both the handheld,
and the larger computer on which i am writing this,
have been renewed,
and the website itself is changing...

...during these technical upsets
i have been thinking of making this writing easier to comprehend...
and i hope this will bring my thoughts closer to life as it can be,
assuming that industrial life can change,
as our actions become better in some way...
in many ways...
despite or because of so much
that seems threatening at present...

...but despite or because of these changes
(forced on me or wished for)
i am finding that the form of the digital diary itself
is refusing to be changed...

...perhaps it is the lifeline which,
for me at least,
will become a pathway to a new something
that i always hoped might emerge,
but it never could while my life and my thoughts were too closely involved
in old forms of organisation
that i see as defective...

so now for the new version!