online: 6 february 2005
modified: 7, 8 february 2005

6 february 2005

of connective pages

emerging maps of softopia

archive of diary
also called 'digital diary dates'

bird's eye view
descriptions of the larger parts of softopia

collective cv
collective cv names
the invisible authors of this website - about 150 people without whom the things described in it would not have happened

connective moments
places of stillness and new openings

digital diary dates
also called 'archive of diary'

found poem
a poem, taken from the index of my book 'the internet and everyone', composed by Jonathan Moberly and recomposed as a chance poem by Ted Warnell...

the main homepage version 2.2 - an alphabetical list

16 ways of thinking about web design - aftermath of a conference

websites i like
imaginative websites mainly by web artists

connections to printed pages:

a bibliography of my writings compiled by Tom and Claire Mitchell

'design methods'
'the internet and everyone'
how to obtain them

invisible books
the hidden part of an iceberg!

this list, now that i've compiled it, needs a recognisable name...

...first thoughts (that arose spontaneously as i lay awake this morning) were these:

hyperpages *
connective pages**

the stars indicate my preferences

... i like the way that these connective pages have arisen (from below - and from within)... i hope they are the beginning of a 'map', or 'structure', that is evolving spontaneously, without conscious intention, as softopia finds its form 'by fits and starts'...

...and from that thought arises a generic name for this list of lists:

atlas of connective pages:

emerging maps of softopia

(these pages are designed to be read with the window set to two-thirds of the screen width)

what's new


digital diary archive

email newsletter

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