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18 july 2005 the life of the world!

a literary experiment:
to write without purpose for the next 15 minutes

11:32 writing this morning whatever comes to mind or hand while putting aside my intention of writing ... 'a different story*'...

listening again to the sounds of the city, and reading again these surrounding papers and electronically recorded thoughts and inventions of the culture (the works of others) i realise that the way i seek reopens as soon as i replace my own papers and digitalities by those of the world and of everyone!... and with that i'm alive, or rather the world is!

11:44 at which moment i realise that this 15 minute experiment has already shown me the way... is to take this and all other writings and acts as the (only) (life of the world - whoever appears to be writing or enacting them...

11.47 (end of experiment)

[26 july 2005: i was thinking that 'the world' (directly perceived or represented in writings, tapes, discs, films etc.) is alive only in the moments when it is being attended to (by something?)... which i suppose makes all elements or moments of being alive far more creative than we may think they are, even if the experience seems trivial or miserable or otherwise negative?]

*The human imagination must never be robbed of its power to tell itself other stories, and thus to create a different future...
John Cowper Powys, 'Porius, a romance of the Dark Ages', Village Press, London 1974, (his italics) page 44. This thought is elaborated at a different future... which leads on to 'a miracle' emerging 'from the depths' - namely 'the education of everyone!' ... 'unearthly applause and then silence'

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