online: 28 july 2005
modified: 27 july 2005

19 july 2005 the pattern of a day

20:44 Panorama path. A mild evening. The air is much cooler than yesterday - only a little over 20 C... there is layer of pink and grey cloud over London...

...later, at the tumulus, sitting on the seat in memory of Ethel Copeland Campbell vegetarian socialist pacifist...

A grey evening out of the wind... i'm happy to be here, alone, in this large space of grassland and sky (a unity). I can see the lights of an invisible aeroplane flashing through cloud. The tops of the trees are in motion but the air, here at ground level, is not moving.

This morning i woke to dismal thoughts. Later, a chance sample from my archive (an attempted book called 'technologies harsh and gentle', 1970) seemed not worth keeping or trying to revive... but then i was enlivened by the presence of visitors... and now, here in this big outdoor space at the tumulus, 'in touch with the world', i feel happy - is this the usual pattern of a day?

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