online: 26 july 2005
modified: 26 july 2005

20 july 2005 early afternoon

13:55 Beech Mount, a shaded seat in the midday sun, looking at the two fir trees... Butterflies and bees are visiting the blackberry flowers - many of which have already become berries, now green... also a dragonfly, length about 6 cm.

Small fluffy clouds are moving quickly southwards beneath a sky that is as blue as it gets at this lattitude... now i lie on my back and can see that some of the clouds are higher than others and are moving more quickly and in a different direction...

14:43 i'm still here, enjoying the warm air moving in gusts between periods of stillness... the air is fresh and dry and invigorating and it is a pleasure to be out of doors in the early afternoon when i am usually indoors and sometimes asleep... I almost slept here on this bench but now i feel re-energised and ready to walk further... so i decide to return from these trees and bees and clouds and winds and brambles to the world of people.

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