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31 july 2005 to improve and to enjoy

21:55 South Bank: the Royal Festival Hall is in process of improvement... judging by what's appeared so far the improvement is actual and not just commercial. The visual changes seem to me sensitive to the modest caring humanism of the building as it was.

Yes, i think there is something good in the air, diffused in the politics and culture, despite many signs of inhumanity and worse... i cannot easily describe what i feel but i hope it's actual... something emanating from or in the new circumstance of digitality and global connectiveness and other changes of scale, intention, power - a seeking to continue what modernism began, early in the last century... and this writing is, i hope, a tiny part of it... in a time of change, perhaps not evident until after?

Three older men and four young men are sitting and talking energetically at tables. The older ones have books and papers before them - the younger ones are busy writing as they speak. A friendly conversation and a business meeting, perhaps. Life, as they enjoy living it and life as they intend to organise it. The two elements of age and youth, the power to enjoy and the power to improve or to renew. What is and what can be...

...take a seat for the future as present/changing and asisandascanbe - the two aspects of life (as Utopia and Coleridge described them) as an evolving whole... or beyond description...

crossing Waterloo Bridge (like all bridges, an improvement?) i paused to note an inscription:

Welcome to the City of Westminster


drivers of vehicles with dirty exhausts

or parking vehicles with engines running

may be fined i wrote that an ambulance dashed past me with sirens howling and screaming...

given all this, need we worry?

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