online: 29 august 2005
modified: 28, 29 august 2005

16 august 2005 a theory of this

written while listening to the number pieces* of John Cage

everyone who is literate can write

(that is anyone who can inscribe letters)

i am inscribing these as i think

what to write next

and now as i write

this is what i am thinking

after re-reading this

and this is**

i realised that they come alive

if written and read as poetry

as all writing once was

and still is!

*The late compositions of John Cage (the ones i like most) in which single notes are to be played at any time, within stated time intervals, at the discretion of the performers. While i wrote i was listening to The Number Pieces 1, Volume 12 of The Complete John Cage Edition, mode records, mode 44, PO Box 1026, New York, NY 10116, USA

**this is is a piece of such writing as this on pages 121-126 of the internet and everyone.

(these pages are designed to be read with the window set to two-thirds of the screen width)

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