online: 24 august 2005

23 august 2005 in my element

21:09 Parliament Hill... a cool evening in late summer... grey and pink sky over the city reflecting a subdued but beautiful sunset to the north west... two people are flying traction kites and one of them is being lifted a metre or two into the air...

...i'm enjoying this place and these familiar happenings after two weeks away and after a day of paying attention to the legal processes of buying somewhere to live while attending also to a leaking water system in the flat i still occupy.... and now that i'm outside again, in this semi-wildness of sky and wind and vegetation and animals and insects, and people who seek the outdoors, i feel at ease again and in my element...'s getting dark, i'll walk further...

...i've moved to a seat from which the gigantic table and chair can be seen... i'm so pleased that art (in this familiar form and strange size) attracts everyone, artists and non-artists, sophisticated and naive... this is how art can be and is, now and then. It can enlarge our perceptions.

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