online: 25 august 2005
modified: 25 august 2005

24 august 2005 a dark evening in August

20:46 Parliament Hill... arrived in near darkness to see the remains of the sunset as pure clear sky, more yellow than blue, above the north west horizon... the remainder of the sky is a single grey cloud layer tinged with purple and pink...

...there were only 4 people here when i arrived, 2 of them were photographing the night views in all directions - city lights to the south and the pale sunset to the west and north. Now i'm alone here feeling the breeze on the right side of my face as i look south to write this...

...i think i've seen what i came for - so now to walk back in the semi-darkness...

20:50 under a streetlamp:
this effort, to come out so late (after heavy rain and after feeling tired most of today) has enlivened me - as all such efforts do, i think... time to remember this, and to say yes to such impulses in future (if they seem likely to enliven) however difficult or uninviting they may seem before the attempt!

22:02 At the station.
As i recall this short walk up a little hill in the early darkness of an evening in late August... i remember another such evening in 1937, at a camping holiday in Borth (only 7 miles away from our home in Aberystwyth)... my father and i brought peat from the surrounding bog land for a camp fire on a little hilltop, a rocky outcrop, next to which was our camp of about 6 tents and one gypsy-like caravan with a chimney and a stove...

...that camp fire in the dark - and the whole experience of camping for a month with family and many invited friends and relatives (in an otherwise empty field of a farm of the Lewis's whom my father knew because he had taught them) is one of my most pleasant memories...

...i remember that it was also late August and already dark at 9:30... our fire was burning and lighting the darkness up there on that rocky hill in the midst of the bog land that separates the village of Borth (which is built on a storm beach) from the hills surrounding the Dyfi estuary... a camp fire in the night on a rocky hill above the flatness... with echoes now to this scene above the lights of London nearly 70 years later...

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