online: 9 september 2005
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8 september 2005 audible culture

19:28 Completely clear sky except for a grey and pink haze over east London... a heath-walker i know waves and i wave back... the heath and the sky are so empty this evening... I can see a few people in the distance and one crow flying north and one jetplane flying south in a slow curve towards the airport, 20 or 30 kilometres away. And now there is another jetplane turning at the same point in the sky, just south of the heath.

19:43 Now i can feel a gentle breeze from the west and i can see the hay before me trodden-down by many feet and i can see geese returning in formation and honking as they fly towards the ponds at Highgate... In the distance i hear the sirens of emergency vehicles and a pervasive deep roar that i don't recognise...

21:16 And now i'm home with the windows wide open to let out the humid air of the day... there is the sound of fireworks, of traffic in the street nearby, and a loud voice from the street - i think it's someone phoning. The culture of the city is so audible and so evident from here. I imagine that the place i'm going to will be quieter and i will probably miss the liveliness of these streets even up to midnight and beyond... but there will be other sounds and experiences, unexpected, that will provoke new perceptions and habits... perhaps i will feel able to give more attention to the many half-lost or unfinished writings that lie waiting in my archive, as i call it... on most evenings for the past few months there are teenagers who use the traffic-free street below my window as a playground for motor scooters. They roar as loudly as they can and do wheelies (riding on the back wheel only - with the front wheel up in the air before them). It could annoy but to me it's a sharing of our overlapping lives, here in the inner city that i so much like to inhabit.

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