online: 1 (?) november 2005
modified: 29 october 2005

29 october 2005 changing likes and dislikes

17:21 Southern heath, Kenwood estate. I crossed from the northern heath to find a seat where i can sit to write. I was surprised to find that i am beginning to enjoy the quieter and wilder woods and ponds of Sandy Heath and the wooded borders of the ponds and playing fields of the Hampstead Heath Extension - and beyond these the organised calm and visible peace of the Garden Suburb... yes, my likes and dislikes are changing.

I began a month ago disliking these newly accessible parts of the heath (as being insulated from life) but now i'm getting to prefer them. Less city more forest.

An elderly man and woman, with rucksacks, hand in hand, stop to gaze (eastwards, and then westwards) towards the surrounding trees.

A park keeper in a green pick-up stops to tell me that the last gate of Kenwood will be locked in 25 minutes. 'There's no need to worry yet' he said.

I look up at the sky which is now the palest blue with a few streaks of blue-grey clouds, and pink ones, moving northwards. I feel spots of rain on my face but see no cloud above me.

A walker i know also comes to tell me that the gates are soon to close so i'd better move now - in what direction i know not. A chance process tells me to go to the north west. But thinking that the north western gate may be locked already i go to the northern one which is close by...

...on my way out, across a lawn on which there are fallen crab apples, i taste one and find it is sweet so i gather a few more and eat them at the bus stop.

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