online: 27 janaury 2006
modified: 27 january 2006

1 january 2005 2006 nothing happened

10:36 I wrote '2005' before correcting it to '2006'... i'm not yet used to the new year, this annual occasion for changed habit, purpose, action...(we hope)...

...what would i most like to be writing (or otherwise doing) this year?

...most of all: something that flows, from a local starting-point, and arouses wide-ranging enthusiasm...

...perhaps i will write of earth, air, fire, and water, the physical elements... and also of their psychological equivalents?... Yes, i feel a little enthusiasm for this, for the integration of thoughts about mind with thoughts about objects...

and now, as i contemplate my sensations, with eyes closed... and then with eyes open... i notice that non-visual sensations are discontinuous, held together by memory, while visual sensation is a continuum, unified by light, broken by darkness... And (as i note this rather obvious difference) i become suspicious of the apparent continuity of seeing and more interested in the discontinuities of touch and of sound... and of thought, even...

These are unusual thoughts (at least for me) and i pause before letting them meander... for i am seeking concreteness, and relevance to ordinary living, and i don't wish, just now, to attempt a purely abstract theory of living.

nothing happened, not yet.

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