online: 30 january 2006
modified: 30 january, 4 february 2006

12 january 2006 interpretations

15:29 an ornamental garden, there is no one else in sight... i'm sitting on a real seat that is also occupied by a snail - or the shell of one... is lying upside down... when i pick it up a thick black fluid runs out - it looks as if it is dead...

...before me is a rectangular pond shimmering slightly in the wind... the clear sky is rapidly disappearing as long grey clouds move northwards... i sit back and see the orderly but desolate look of the garden today and the fast moving clouds... the edge of a weather front, i imagine...

...i look at the twisted branches of an ancient oak that is growing on a terrace high up against the clouds - i never liked this twistiness and wonder why oak trees were, and are, so venerated...

...all these are interpretations, of course.

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